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Sustainable Waste Management Practices - Updated Case Studies

In view of the environmental harm and carbon emissions from wastes, particularly from large waste dumps, ICOR and the Citizens' Action Group on Waste Management had, in 2013-14, documented ten case studies of good waste management practices in Mumbai. Since sustainability and scalability are important parameters of good waste management practices and models, ICOR decided to conduct a follow-up study on whether these models have been sustained/scaled up over the years. Factors looked into included way in which these models were sustained or scaled up, and if problems encountered. Three case studies have been updated so far - waste management by a slum organisation in Borivili, a middle class housing society in Vile Parle which has now motivated people and extended its work to neighbouring areas, and a large upper class housing society in Lower Parel. In two of these cases, work has been sustained and scaled up, however financial reasons caused a slight performance decline in one case.


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